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Our company is Manufacturer at china . Export Automotive lamp , mirror , grille , bumper , fender , fan , mudguard , Etc . The quality is on control by ISO9001-2008 system . We have good quality .excellent prices . thick package . large warehouse . workshop , machines , workers , Test Machines . For Import Inquiries please contact: robine.wang@hotmail.com . SKYPE:robine.wang .TEL:+86-15252951362 . FAX:+86-511-86389878


auto parts in china

China's largest lamp manufacturers, but also the production side mirror, fender,bumper. Affordable, good quality, waiting for you。

Email: robine.wang@hotmail.com

MSN: robine.wang@hotmail.com

 Our company is a professional manufacturer which focuses on the development and production of automotive spare parts  . Export auto lamp , mirror , grille , bumper , fan , tank , dash board , fender , Etc . The quality is on control by ISO 9001-2008 system . And some of the products have been authorized by E-MARK Certificate . We have 10000T  two colour  injection molding machines . also have homochromous injection molding machines of 12000T , 1500T , 780T , 330 T. clamp machines, airtight testing sets, lighting ultrasonic testing units,   hot melt machines, hot plate welding machines and other production equipment, so we have great ability to produce automotive spare parts . Our company is also equipped with light-type testing machine,high and low temperature tester, rain tester, aging tester test equipment and other equipment. To ensure the stability, reliability, consistency and safety of product, we have a strict quality inspection system for assembled parts, production processes, de-product storage and product shipment.

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